Young Leaders Win County Frostbite Competition

For the second year in a row, our Young Leaders and their fellow Explorer Scouts achieved what many thought would be impossible and won the prestigious County expedition competition, ‘Frostbite’ 2018.

They entered two teams into this hotly contested event which involved navigating a route by night, setting up their own camp, cooking their own meals, completing challenges and solving problems.

Not only was it a great achievement for our winning team, it also included the youngest member who was a Longham Scout on his link to Explorers!

Key to their success was diligence that led to a perfect score in an orienteering exercise where they had to find small items hidden in the woods using 8-figure grid references. Skill and attention to detail ensured that they scored highly also in the camping element. Much of the rest came from grit and determination.

Of these 12 participants, all attended 1st Longham at some point: 9 were our Young Leaders (past or present), 9 were our Scouts, 9 were our Cubs and 6 were our Beavers.

The Winning Frostbite Team