This is Longham calling…

Do you know how to communicate with the International Space Station travelling at 17,000 mph? Longham Scouts do! In a Communication themed evening, they got to learn from experts, national champions and record holders on how to utilise radio in a range of ways.

Starting with one of the most basic forms of radio comms, they learned more about Morse code. In doing so, they contacted fellow Morse enthusiasts in Canada, USA, Venezuela and Latvia.

They then were taught the principles of sending voice communications over short-range using VHF radio and in doing so, spoke to people in the local area.

Using HF data links, they learned how to communicate using text methods through computer encoding and decoding. During this, they connected with people in Hungary and Japan.

Finally, they got into the space-age. Utilising a programmed Raspberry Pi device, they tracked the movements of global satellites and learned how to contact people around the world using them.

In the age of smartphones, this opened a new world to the Scouts and understood how today these forms of communication are still essential, particularly in disaster relief situations.

“Broadsword calling Danny Boy…”

Their morse skills were _ _ _   _ . _ !

Scouts learning how to communicate over VHF