Longham Scouts hike home to another win in ‘Order of the Boot’

Longham’s Scouts showed that they are not afraid of the dark and have what it takes to get themselves around the wilderness in the annual ‘Order of the Boot’ District night hike competition.  Longham proudly came home with 3 trophies in 2017 by taking 1st & 2nd place in the junior event (the ‘Welly’) and 2nd place in the senior event (the ‘Boot’).

The event comprises teams setting off at different times around a route that is only revealed to them at the start.  They are judged on their kit, their time between checkpoints, secret challenges they complete on checkpoints and an ongoing challenge.

This year, the competition took place over muddy farmland and through complex woods.  All our teams did a great job with their night navigation and got round without many errors.  The ongoing challenge required them to complete a quiz and carry a number of raw eggs and protect them so that they could be successfully cooked at the last checkpoint.

Our winning Welly team of Aaron, Daisy, Elijah, Gus and Jacob did so well, they completed their hike nearly an hour quicker than the next quickest team!

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