Scout Camp… That’s entertainment!

For a change, the theme for this camp was comical challenges, although several Scouts still progressed in some of their badge work. Along with all the activities, each Scout adopted the name and catchphrases of a famous person or character.

Meanwhile, they had to comply with some crazy rules, such as holding an empty kettle in order to ask a question and using only roman numerals instead of numbers!  When caught not following a rule, they received a forfeit point. After accruing several points, they had to choose and undertake a fun forfeit, which were wide in variety and involved things like having to compliment everyone, wear a wig for a period or being able to talk only in questions (with kettle in hand, of course).

If not already allocated by a forfeit, the more mundane camp duties such as cleaning were assigned using Top Trumps cards to any Scouts who hadn’t undertaken these tasks earlier.

Scouts took over much of the cooking, which focussed on developing their skills further and included, for example, Tom Kha and Miso Soups, Yaki Soba Stir Fry, Burritos & Fajitas, Pasta Carbonara, Eton Mess, American Style Pancakes and Churros with homemade Caramel. They were all proud of what they achieved in the kitchen and some even created a mini cooking show out of it.

There were plenty of amusing and diverse challenges: They exploded watermelons with elastic bands, played a ping pong game that involved some consuming fizzy sherbet, jumping in time to Van Halen’s famous song, a wide game involving raw eggs and playing a word association game that led to some getting wet!

Adding to the theme of the camp, we were joined by Angie and Damon from the Bournemouth-based ‘In the Moment’ improvised comedy group for an evening workshop at the campfire circle.

The rain did not dampen the mood as the enjoyment continued under the cover of canvas and this provided an opportunity for them to practise other skills. Many learned how to splice and whip ropes, make survival bracelets, wood carving and axe work.