Longham Scouts learn to survive at Group Camp

The Scouts had an amazing time at the Group Camp in June 2017.  Whilst the Cubs and Beavers were doing their own activities, the Scouts were learning what it takes to survive in the wilderness.  They recorded what they experienced in this video using a GoPro camera.

In order to survive, they constructed shelters to sleep in during the night.  Their tents were on standby though if needed.  They also had to prepare and cook their own food over the fire.  Menu items included a traditional Vietnamese Pho noodle soup, barbecued octopus, calamari, tandoori chicken, elderflower cordial and vanilla panna cotta.  Again there was additional traditional food on standby but everything they cooked over the fire they found delicious and ate every morsel!

To make their area habitable, they needed to construct various items and devices from natural materials.  This meant that they got the chance to learn how to use tools like knives, axes and sickles safely.  They even managed to make a fully functional rotating spit.

Not only did they manage to survive, they also had enough time to have plenty of fun and enjoyment.  In doing so, they helped bring some smiles and giggles to the faces of the Cubs and Beavers.