An impromptu unofficial Dorset crabbing competition

Going out for a relaxing evening on the quayside quickly turned into a hotly contested event. Coincidentally, Christchurch Explorers and Mudeford Rangers had also gone out to catch crustaceans. So, to make things more interesting, our Scouts challenged them both to a fish-off to see who could catch the most in a given amount of time.

Our Scouts got off to a good start giving the other teams a run for their money. In an effort to outdo the other teams, some decided to change tactics and attempt to catch seagulls instead. This led to limited success but amusing entertainment to public onlookers as crab nets flew overhead, only to be deposited back onto the Scouts from a height!

The local police paid a visit during the event and inspected that ‘everyone’s lines and bait met regulations’ and there were no shenanigans between the teams. They however did their bit to give our Scouts a bit of an edge over the Explorers (they weren’t biased, honest guvnor)!

To ensure fairness, the Scouts, Explorers and Rangers each sent a couple of their own members to independently count each other’s catch. There was a slight grievance as the Explorers refused to count the prawn our Scouts caught but it wouldn’t have made a difference anyway. Our Scouts narrowly lost with a total catch of 41 versus the Rangers on 42 and the Explorers on 46.

They learned for next time that they should either change their strategy and either not try to catch seagulls, or use a bait that is more suitable for them.

Stitching the Explorers up for dodgy crabbing

A nervous moment counting the Explorers catch

The Rangers demanded diligence from our counters